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Looking for fun outdoor ideas for all ages? Check out our bubble fun for kids round up!

Summer Bubble Fun Ideas

With summer just around the corner, we’re searching for fun ideas to keep us outdoors. For us that means water play and bubbles. Squeaker is just starting to be interested in bubbles, so I’m planning a ton of summer bubble fun ideas for her to enjoy while Sweet B is away at day camp. But…

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Have a toddler that loves to say no? Today we're talking about how to handle stubborn toddlers

How To Handle Stubborn Toddlers

My sweet Squeaker has an ever expanding vocabulary. No was one of her first additions and it’s now increased to include: “no, mine.” She’s also said “top it” (stop it) on occasion. While she does listen fairly well, sometimes we have quite the sassy pants toddler on our hands. So today’s parenting post is all…

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Do you struggle to get things done during the day? Today, we're going to cover how to create a time management plan so you can start using your time effectively.

How To Create A Time Management Plan

Today on Homemaking for the Uninspired we’re going to tackle time management. Why? Because how you use your time has a lot to do with how you manage your home and your life. So, we’ll talk about how to create a time management plan and I’ll also include a few of my favorite and suggested…

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