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Pillow Testers Wanted!

Thank you to Dacron for sponsoring this opportunity. Are you satisfied with your pillows? Are you always shopping for new pillows? Do you like taking short surveys? Then keep on reading, because this is an opportunity that you’re absolutely going to love! If you’ve read about our experience with those new Fieldcrest pillows (which are […]

Establishing Early Toothbrushing Habits

Squeaker has exactly three teeth- two on the bottom and one on the top. That being said, we’re looking for ways that will help us help her with establishing early toothbrushing habits. Before she had teeth, and after she started eating solids, we would just run a damp washcloth over her gums to help her […]

John Boos Cutting Board Giveaway

Though I may not talk about it much, this will be one of my topics to focus on more next year: cooking. I love to cook and bake, so I would love to have a cutting board like this in my kitchen. Wouldn’t you? John Boos & Company Professional Cutting Board Giveaway ($130 ARV) Sponsored […]

Stocking Stuffers for Older Babies

Though last Christmas was technically Squeaker’s first Christmas, this is the first time that she’s actually going to participate in all of the wonderful, lovely (and chaotic), Christmas goodness. She’s “helped” put the decorations on the tree (and by helped, she tried to wrap a shiny, silver garland around herself) and the entire three or […]

Saving Money with New Curtains

Since I’m a stay at home mom, we only have one steady source of income coming in to the household. Yes, Sweet B does get SSI (Supplemental Security Income) but that goes towards her needs first and household needs second. I make a little bit here and there from the blog and I’ve debated work […]

Autism and Special Needs

Eating right with Pocket Protein

A Balanced Diet with Pocket Protein

With Sweet B’s eating habits, sometimes it’s difficult for me to tell if she’s getting enough nutrition in her daily diet. Her autism complicates this, though she’s definitely gotten better as she’s gotten older. Granted, I’m fairly confident that she is getting enough to eat and that she’s eating healthy foods. But, there are still […]

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School with Squeaker

Benefts of Teaching Sign Language to Babies, includes recommended books and free printables

Benefits of Teaching Babies Sign Language

Even if your child is not hearing impaired, I would highly recommend introducing sign language to your baby. This gives your baby another way to communicate before they have the words to do so and can also be an important tool later on in life. Who knows what they might encounter in a work place […]

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Just Babies and Toddlers

Baby Steps: Looking Back at the Past Year and Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

Squeaker is now a one year old baby and on the brink of toddlerhood, in fact she’s one year and one week old. Sometimes I find this hard to believe because it seems like only yesterday that she was making her grand debut. Every day since her arrival, she has amazed, amused, and entertained me. […]

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Faith Filled Life

The Bible

Only Son of God

If you remember this post, I’m finally putting up my review for the movie. I am one of those people who watched the Bible miniseries on History. I’m also one of those people who avoided watching Noah and will more than likely avoid watching Gods and Kings. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate […]



We are looking for awesome bloggers to review our product for our upcoming giveaway. Open to the first 100 Bloggers. Once the list has been approved by ESSIO Shower, you’ll be asked to confirm your mailing address for the starter kit to be mailed to you. The reviews and giveaways are asked to be completed […]

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Parenting and Family

Rethinking How We Discipline

Rethinking How We Discipline

First, I want to differentiate between discipline and punishment because I believe that, while related, they are two completely different things.  Usually, when we think of punishment we think of this: the act of punishing someone or a way of punishing someone As defined by Miriam-Webster By contrast there’s discipline which is this: to punish […]

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Just Kids Stuff


At this time of the year, making sure that the kiddos are healthy is a top priority. This can also be a difficult task because of school and various weekend activities. Because of this, I’m often looking for new ways to help support them. Recently, we had the opportunity to try out Soothie Suckers at […]

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Every Day Life

Acure 2

Organic Haircare Products

I have probably mentioned, often, that I’m not a beauty oriented person. Yes, I care about how I look but I don’t quite obsess over makeup, latest hair trends, and things of that nature. It’s never really been part of who I am. I was always more of a tomboy than a girly girl, though […]

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My Free Printables

My Daily Schedule: A free printable visual schedule

Daily Routine Printable for Kids

Sweet B, because of her autism, is a very visual person. We use visual schedules for her at home and she also uses them at school. Additionally, she uses PECS (the Picture Exchange Communication System) to communicate at both home and school. Because of this I wanted to try out a new visual schedule for […]

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Going Green & Healthier Living

Living a Healthier Life Without Plastic

Like many of us, plastic is part of my everyday life. From storage use to packaging to food use, I use plastic in some way or another daily. But did you know that some plastic can actually be harmful to you? Not only can plastic be harmful to us, but it can also be harmful […]

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