As the old saying goes, you're eating for two (or more in some cases) during pregnancy. Today I wanted to share my tips on motherhood for pregnancy nutrition.

Tips on Motherhood for Pregnancy Nutrition

Did you ever deal with morning sickness? Some days, the very thought of eating was enough to make my head spin but I knew it was something I had to do for the baby’s sake. With Sweet B and Squeaker, my morning sickness didn’t last too long, but there were some days that I could […]

Are you considering choosing a developmental pediatrician in addition to your regular pediatrician? Check out this post with some helpful tips and advice for this process.

Choosing a Developmental Pediatrician

If you have a child with a developmental disability, such as autism, you may want to consider finding a developmental pediatrician. This is in addition to your child’s regular pediatrician. But why would you consider this? A developmental pediatrician is a specialized pediatrician and they may be better equipped to answer questions or make certain […]

Save time, save money, and eat healthier too! Try these time saving healthy cooking tips in your kitchen today.

Time Saving Healthy Cooking Tips

As much as some aspects of homemaking are uninspiring for me, I absolutely love to cook. We’re working on goals to eating healthier this year and that usually means cooking as much as we can at home. We’re working on using less canned goods, but at the same time I also know that I enjoy […]


Though it may seem like the end of the world, here are reasons why you should celebrate an autism diagnosis

I had once said that an autism diagnosis is not something that I would congratulate someone on, nor was it something I would order a cake for. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the upside in a diagnosis. In fact, I think there’s plenty of good things that can be found after receiving a […]

We're trying to build up daily life skills with our autistic daughter. One of those ways is by doing laundry on her own.

#laundryredefined #ad Thank you to Gain for sponsoring this conversation. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. As Sweet B gets older, we’re trying to help her do more things on her own. Some things, like hygiene are taking longer, but other things like putting her dirty dishes in the sink and helping me put […]

love hate relationship with balloons for sensory issues

I’m always looking for different ways to help meet Sweet B’s sensory needs and give her different experiences. One of the ways that we’ve done this is with balloons though I will be the first to admit it- we have such a love hate relationship with balloons. Why? Well, pretty simple and I’ll get into […]

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Do you have a Shaun the Sheep fan in your house? Try this easy Shaun the Sheep craft with them today.

Squeaker is absolutely in love with Shaun the Sheep! She’s had a Shaun stuffed animal of her own for a little over a year now and it was just recently that she discovered the Shaun the Sheep cartoon series on the Kindle. We’ve also watched A Close Shave with her, and she seemed to be […]

Painting with toddlers doesn't have to be too messy. In fact, we had some simple fun outside and enjoyed watercolor painting for toddlers without making too much of a mess.

As we do our informal tot school over the summer, I’ve been looking for different ways to get Squeaker engaged. It’s not something that I want to force with her because I want her to enjoy the summer. We’ve been spending a bit of time outside, but only when it’s not too humid or hot. […]

Come explore The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle with us in this mini tot school unit. We're also providing free printables for you.

Recently, as a part of the Storybook Summer blog hop, Squeaker and I explored The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. He’s one of my favorite children’s authors and I plan to do a lot with his books- through in tot school, home preschool, and homeschooling. For our exploration of this book, I’ve also created […]

As we take our first dip into homeschooling, informal as it is, here's how I'm planning our year of tot school.

Though it may seem futile to “homeschool” a toddler, I fully intend to do just that with my Squeaker. I’ve already talked about how I’m preparing to homeschool my toddler and I’ve finally gotten around to figuring out what we’re going to do. When we finally get around to formal homeschooling, I do intend to […]

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