Lawn care doesn't just end when the colder weather arrives. Here are some tips and advice for four season lawn care.

Four Season Lawn Care – Part One

Though we may think that we can neglect lawn care during the colder months of the year, it’s actually quite important to keep taking care of your lawn. With the right care, you can have a beautiful lawn that will flourish. The number one problems that pops up with lawn care is that a lot […]

why we love pampers

Why We Love Pampers Diapers

I have expressed my adoration and love for Pampers in the past. They were my preferred brand of diaper for Sweet B and they are my preferred brand of diaper for Squeaker. I tried to get into cloth diapers but I just couldn’t do it. I’ve tried other brands and  always find myself going back […]

Looking for a way to inspire and motivate your kids? Download this free pack of 20 printable notes for kids today.

Free Printable Lunch Notes for Kids

With Back to School in full swing in most parts of the country (Albany, NY is not starting until after Labor Day), I wanted to share part of my free printable lunch notes for kids pack with you. Now, I say part because it’s only 20 of the full 180 pack. Each week, I’ll release […]


As a parent of an autistic child, one comment I hear is that my child doesn't look autistic. That leads me to wonder, what does autism look like?

One of the comments that parents of children with autism will sometimes hear is, “he/she doesn’t look autistic.” Personally, this bugs me and I’ll tell you why. At first glance, yes, maybe children with autism don’t look autistic. Maybe, for all intents and purposes, they look like “normal” children. And guess what? They are children. […]

Is your autistic child starting school for the first time this year? Check out my back to school transition tips to help make this easier on both of you.

Sweet B was 3 when she started preschool and even though she just turned 14 this year, I will remember that day like it was yesterday. That day was quite possibly one of the most difficult for her and for me and if you’d like, you can read about our story here.. Prior to that, […]

Are you considering choosing a developmental pediatrician in addition to your regular pediatrician? Check out this post with some helpful tips and advice for this process.

If you have a child with a developmental disability, such as autism, you may want to consider finding a developmental pediatrician. This is in addition to your child’s regular pediatrician. But why would you consider this? A developmental pediatrician is a specialized pediatrician and they may be better equipped to answer questions or make certain […]

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With my toddler turning 2 in December, we're still preparing for tot school. Informal as it may be, I still want to be ready. My thanks to Barnes and Noble for helping with this endeavor. #BNschoolsavings

Thank you to Barnes and Noble Mastercard, powered by Barclaycard for sponsoring this conversation and helping us as we continue preparing for tot school this year. Squeaker will be two in December and I’ve already started planning to start doing a more formal tot school/preschool at home with her. I understand, fully, that she’s a […]

We had so much fun making this handprint and pom pom apple tree! My toddler really loved getting into the fingerpaint.

We’re definitely getting into the arrival of Fall (and the early apples at the Farmer’s market). Last week we shared an easy toilet paper stamping apple art project and this week we have another hands-on fun activity. It’s Squeaker’s first time doing anything handprint related with paint, though we’ve done a few handprint projects by […]

Celebrate fall or use this simple toilet paper roll apple stamping art project in a theme about Johnny Appleseed.

The early apples were available at the Farmer’s market, and to me- that’s a sure sign that Fall is just around the corner. I love this time of the year for the leaf changing, apples, and all things pumpkin. To celebrate the return of fresh, local apples, Squeaker and I did a simple toilet paper […]

shaun the sheep headband and puppet

We’re on a bit of a Shaun the Sheep kick though I still haven’t decided if I’ll take Squeaker to see the movie when it comes out. I just don’t know if she’ll sit through it all. But that hasn’t stopped us from making two more Shaun the Sheep crafts. If you haven’t seen it […]

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