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Blog Prompt- January 5th- I’ve been here all night…

I find this apropos to my current position in life- mom of a 1 month old, breastfeeding on demand & experimenting with aspects of attachment parenting such as co-sleeping and baby wearing. So far, we’re 50/50 on the idea of baby wearing and pretty much wanting to avoid co-sleeping as far as a family bed.

This bed has been my second home since October. I say this openly and without (much) griping. Bedrest, though maddening at times, I think helped with my pregnancy.That’s not to say that I spend all of my time in bed or in the bedroom. But, it’s where I’m situated and my ‘home-base’ of sorts.

And now that she’s here, her bassinet is in our bedroom within arms reach of our bed. Most nights, she spends at least half the night in our bed (either nursing or sleeping) and during the day- she’s near inseparable from my side. That all being said, when she’s up- I’m up even if that means being up all night. Her schedule pretty much dictates mine and I wouldn’t try to change that for anything. She’s a baby, she’s going to let me know when she needs to be fed, changed or wants to be held. Be that during the day or all hours of the night. Some nights are more challenging than others, but at the same time, I’m okay with that. I realize that she could be awake all night or that she could have colic. There could be a number of things that she could have or could be doing but she doesn’t. And if she was doing those things or if she did have colic, well… I’d take that as it comes and keep on keeping on.

The s/o helps when/where he can. I don’t pump and we made the decision to breastfeed exclusively so he can’t help with feeding her, but he helps otherwise and for that I’m greatly appreciative. Still, I admit, there are times I feel a bit envious that he’s sleeping while I’m awake with her. But, I also keep that in perspective. I’m not working, he is. And until I go back to working outside of the home or otherwise, his income is what we survive on.

Having said all of that, while she’s still napping- I’m going to attempt to finish lunch, sort through some mail and clear my inboxes.


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I'm a stay at home mom of 3 (16 year old boy with Ataxic CP, 13 year old girl with classic/severe autism, and a rambunctious baby girl who will be a year old in December). When I'm not blogging here at Just Another Mom or spending time with my family, I'm also completing coursework for my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. My hobbies include baking, scrapbooking, and crafts.


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    Even though our youngest is now 6 and our oldest 23 I still miss those night being up with my little one just me and them. loving every minute of it.

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